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The ordination of Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church dates back to the early 1900's.  During that time, Rev.  F. Jowers was the pastor.  


In 1907, a cornerstone was erected under the leadership of Rev. W. M. Pearson.  The deacons that served under his leadership were:  

Deacon N. Hutton

Deacon W. Noland

Deacon P. Rice

Deacon P. Scears

Deacon F. Spencer


Since the leadership of Rev. Pearson, 10 more pastors has led the flock of 

Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron Baptist Church.  They are:

Rev. Milton Scears

Rev. Tart Blakey

Rev. W. L. Johnson

Rev. Tiller

Rev. Moses Finch

Rev. Hammer

Rev. Underwood

Rev. J. L. Anderson

Rev. George Back

Rev. Randy Miller (Current Pastor)


Since the leadership of Rev. W.M. Pearson, the following deacons have served.

Deacon Nathan Bell

Deacon Nathaniel Carey

Deacon John Chambers

Deacon Elijah Cheatem

Deacon Levi Cherry

Deacon Dollie Coleman

Deacon Joe Nathan Coleman

Deacon Eugene Gibson

Deacon John Gibson

Deacon Albert Gourdy

Deacon Curry Hinton

Deacon Will Hutton

Deacon Emanuel Jolly

Deacon Jeff Jolly

Deacon Joe Leavy

Deacon Aaron Little

Deacon Frank Morgan, Sr.

Deacon William Morgan, Jr.

Deacon Phil Rice

Deacon Sam Rush

Deacon Will Stantion



Rev. Randy Miller became the pastor of Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron on October 16, 1994.

The current deacons under his leadership are:

Deacon Leslie Cheatem (Deceased)

Deacon Larry Coleman

Deacon Leon Coleman

Deacon Thornton Coleman

Deacon Vincent Coleman

Deacon Willie Coleman (Deceased)

Deacon Eddie Cross (Deceased)

Deacon Melvin Smith

Deacon Johnny Steele (Deceased)


Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron celebrates several special occasions.  Two of those special days are Pastor's Anniversary and Homecoming.  Pastor's Anniversary is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in October.  The Annual Homecoming of Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron Baptist Church is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in November.


"A Church With A Vision"



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